CASE Asset Tracking &
Management Platform

CASE is a durable asset tracker which can track your valuables for long periods of times

with its batteries against theft and relocation.

CASE Asset Tracker



CASE is designed to track your valuable assets such as industrial machinery, mobile caterpillars, money carriers and safelocks against theft and unintended relocation.

Silent Tracking

CASE is a robust, silent tracker which tracks your assets without an imprint.

Ultra-Low Power

Ultra-low power ARM based microcontroller for longer battery life.

Narrow Band IoT & LTE Cat M1

CASE utilizes Narrow Band IoT in Europe and LTE Cat M1 in USA for communication.

Rugged Design

CASE has a rugged water and dust durable industrial design.

CASE Asset Tracking & Management Platform

With its ultra-low power design CASE can track any asset up to two years without changing its batteries.

  • 2 minutes installation

  • Can run with batteries

  • Silent tracking

  • Rugged water and dust resistant design