TARS Industrial
Sensor Integration &
Management Platform

TARS is an ultra-low power industrial IoT gateway for sensors.

It provides a smooth Industry 4.0 transition solution for data acquisition needs.

TARS Mark - I & Mark - II Industrial IoT Sensor Gateways



TARS is an industrial grade, ultra low-power, intelligent IoT hub for sensors. Its design allows pluggable sensors and batteries providing an easy deployment and setup.

TARS has an infinite number of applications. Some of them would be; smart cities, utilities, grids, farms, factories, manufacturing, assembly lines, retail warehouses, supply chain, preventative maintenance, robotics, autonomous cars.

Mobility & Ease of Use

2 minutes installation without cables and complicated integration.

Ultra-Low Power

Ultra-low power ARM based microcontroller for longer battery life.

Narrow Band IoT & LTE Cat M1 & LoRa

TARS utilizes Narrow Band IoT in Europe, LTE Cat M1 in USA and LoRa for communication.

End-to-End Industry 4.0 Solution with Artificial Intelligence

TARS provides AI packages for manufacturing machinery for preventative measures and quality & performance of manufacturing.

TARS Industrial Sensor Integration and Management Platform

TARS is an ultra-low power industrial sensor integration and management platform which provides an easier Industry 4.0 transition for data acquisition needs.

  • 2 minutes installation

  • Can run with batteries

  • High mobility

  • Low operational expenditures

  • Simple user interface

  • Can be monitored on any device

  • End-to-end business analytics